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Treading towards environmental sustainability

Think back to the cartoons of your childhood, in the polluted lake or stream the cartoon character would find a tin can, an old shoe, and maybe a tire. Kal Tire, a wholly-owned Canadian company with a passion for tires of all sizes, is working towards rewriting that story one tire at a time.

Kal Tire is well known for its retail tire sales for passenger and light truck vehicles, mechanical services for passenger and light trucks, commercial truck tires, mining, and off-road sales, and service and retreading of both commercial and off-road tires.

With the shared goal of educating communities on the importance of responsible recycling, it is only natural that Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans has partnered with Kal Tire.

Every summer, Kal Tire partners with Tire Stewardship BC to host Tire Round-up events. During these day-long events in BC, drivers are encouraged to drop off ‘orphan’ tires lurking in garages, barns, ditches, and other waterways. In this way, Kal Tire works to collect scrap tires that might not otherwise be recycled.

You can easily return your unwanted tires to your local Kal Tire store for recycling anytime. Have more than 4 tires? Simply call ahead to confirm they have enough space to accept all the tires at one time.

Have you ever heard of retreading? As Canada’s largest retreading company, Kal Tire helps commercial truck and mining customers extend the life of their tires and reduce their carbon footprint by applying a new tread to the casing of used tires.

Kal Tire is actively investing in tire recycling technology and through the Replay Fund, Kal Tire supports the purchase of recycled rubber products that can be used as playground surfaces, flooring roofs, and more!

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