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Keeping BC beautiful one tire at a time.

What happens to recycled tires? This is a great question for Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC), an agency in BC that was formed to help producers (retailers) fulfill their obligations and focus on the collection and recycling of tires.

Every tire on the road will eventually come to the end of its life and can be recycled into something new. Athletic tracks; playground surfaces; recreational flooring; mats and flooring for farms and factories; and even landscaping mulch can all be made from recycled tires.

With the shared vision of an environment free of scrap tires, it is only natural that Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans has partnered with Tire Stewardship BC.

Every new tire that’s sold in BC comes with an Advance Disposal Fee (ADF), more commonly known as an Eco Fee, which is remitted to Tire Stewardship BC. This fee funds tire recycling, education, and more. It’s a small price to pay to keep our communities clean.

There are hundreds of Return to Retailer (R2R) locations to recycle your tires in BC. Most drivers return their old tires to the retailer when they purchase new ones. But if you have up to 4 tires sitting around, you can get started right away. Simply go mobile and download the Recyclepedia app to find the recycling location nearest you. You are now helping to keep scrap tires out of our waterways and transform them into new and useful things.

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