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Enviro Fund promoting a cleaner future for us all

When you think of the Sea to Sky region, what comes to mind? It could be the beautiful natural environment, the vibrant arts and culture scene, the strength of local communities, or all of the above!

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that has raised over 15 million dollars for registered Sea to Sky charities, making it the largest fundraising organization in the area. Their mandate is to support larger, more everlasting community projects within the Sea to Sky Corridor, as well as to build a stronger relationship with the residents of the community. They specialize in supporting organizations whose activities provide benefit to residents of the Sea to Sky region in areas such as health, human services, education, recreation, arts & culture and the environment.

Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans is proud to have the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Enviro Fund backing our initiative that works to educate and engage communities, keep our waters trash-free, and work with local artists to create beautiful works of art from the collected trash.

For more information on the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Enviro Fund, click here.

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