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Bringing convenient recycling solutions to your neighbourhood

Imagine a future where nothing goes to waste. Imagine a world where divers head into our local waterways and see only marine life and no garbage. Return-It, an organization that recycles more than 1 billion beverage containers each year, is working towards making that vision a reality right here in BC.

Return-It is an industry owned, not-for-profit, product stewardship agency with beverage container management as its core business. Its mandate is to develop, manage and improve systems to recover used beverage packaging and end-of-life products from consumers to ensure they are properly recycled and diverted from the natural environment.

With the shared goal of educating communities on the importance of responsible recycling and diverting material from our oceans, lakes, and waterways, it is only natural that Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans has partnered with Return-It.

There are over 170 Return-It collection sites across the province providing a one-stop spot for you to easily recycle your beverage containers and other material.

Return-It is also making recycling even easier with Return-It Express - a simple and convenient way to return your beverage containers for a deposit refund. Now you no longer need to spend time counting and sorting your containers - just bag them and drop them off at a Return-It Express Depot. They will do the rest!

Return-It has even launched a pilot program in the Lower Mainland that will give residents another option to conveniently drop off old, unused, or unloved clothing while they are dropping off other recyclables at select depot sites.

Thanks to Return-It - a wasteless future where divers can focus on the beauty of the underwater world is looking more and more like reality.

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