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Monica Gewurz

Monica Gewurz lives and works in Vancouver, BC. Born in Peru in 1957, Monica immigrated to Canada in 1976, where she obtained both a Bachelor of Science and Master in Landscape Architecture with a focus on environmental design and land reclamation. She earned her Fine Art Certificate and an Advanced Painting Certificate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Monica has travelled extensively, studying different art forms throughout the world.


In her artistic practice, she commonly uses art as a vehicle to highlight how humanity has changed the environment. Her highly textured, evocative mixed media artworks with intuitive manipulation of paint convey her inner reflections and the feelings that arise as she witnesses the devastation on the natural environment by climate change and plastic pollution inviting dialogue and discussion to improve the future of our local environment.


The use of mixed media in her evocative art creates almost a 3D effect intending to blur the line between painting and sculpture, inviting the viewer to touch it, and evoking an emotional response. The complex surface and depth are created using multiple techniques; overlaying thin and thick layers of opaque and translucent acrylic colour gels, incorporating and layering a myriad of salvaged and up-cycled industrial materials such as plastic, glass, paper, fabric and aluminum foil. 


She believes that there is not only beauty in repurposing materials for their distinctive uniqueness and imperfect textures, but also because they raise awareness of the negative impacts that plastics and their associated microplastics have on our health and nature, and convey the message to the viewer 

on the importance of decreasing our waste and our carbon footprint.


The threat of climate change has also motivated her to paint. For example, some of her paintings have a distinct coloured sharp horizon line, which intuitively depicts the transition between sky and water, but also depict either a “line of fire” due to the increase of global temperatures or a “line of raising waters” due to melting glaciers. They are also statements that we can all make a difference, but we must all cross “the Line” to make an environmentally substantial positive change.


Her art has been showcased at several juried shows aimed at raising environmental awareness dealing with climate change and our large carbon footprint in the environment. Internationally she is featured as an international "Eco-Artist" by Visionary Projects US-Europe and received 3rd place prize in the Federation of Canadian Artists climate change show, “Crisis”.  Her art will be featured in an international documentary about artists’ responses to the climate emergency, titled “Turning the Canvas” by Daniel Conrad which will also include interviews with internationally known scientists, activists, which will be distributed to film festivals, universities, and public television such as CBC and PBS in 2022. 


Monica is represented by the following galleries; Ukama and the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver; Tofino Gallery of Contemporary Art in Vancouver Island, and internationally by online galleries- Singulart in Paris and Saatchi in London. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous juried shows in public and private galleries in BC and the US and are held in private collections internationally. Her artwork is also part of the permanent art collections of the Lions Gate and the Vancouver General hospitals.

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