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Cori Creed

Cori Creed is an established West Coast Canadian painter who captures the coastal landscape with joy and vitality. The wealth of texture and colour in the Canadian landscape provides Creed with the perfect reference for an exploration in painterly process and expression. Reflections of tangled branches observed while canoeing on a tranquil eastern lake; the graphic contrast found in a grove of birches; shadows cast over jumbles of rocks and driftwood on west coast beaches; fields of wild grasses and blooms--all lend inspiration to Creed’s work. 


Creed was born in Vancouver in 1973. She studied Fine Art at Simon Fraser University and Design at Capilano College. Creed's work has been placed in various private collections across Canada including Bentall Centre, Nordstrom, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, British Pacific Properties, among numerous private and corporate collections. Cori Creed has been represented by Bau-Xi Gallery since 2011. She continues to live and paint out of her home and studio in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

“I am drawn to the disruption of illusion using reminders of the process and media.  By creating a semblance of three dimensional space and then employing marks and applications of the media that are incongruous with the pretense of that space, I want to shift the viewer back and forth between illusion and the surface of the painting, the story and the storytelling. In doing this, the work becomes a more entire representation of human experience - the impressions and memories layered with the efforts, tools and imperfection.”

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