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Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans is an environmental art campaign that aims to raise awareness of the waste in our lakes and oceans by transforming collected trash into beautiful art. The campaign is run in collaboration by the Sea to Sky Arts Council Alliance (Pemberton Arts Council, Arts Whistler, the Squamish Arts Council, Lions Bay Arts, The Hearth Arts on Bowen), West Vancouver Arts Council, and North Van Arts. The art council collective has been working with volunteer divers from Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans (DCLO), Return-It, local artists, environmentalists and school groups.

"We have been doing this since 2013 and we are up to just around 35,000 pounds of garbage." - Henry Wang, volunteer for Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans

Our Mission

Our Mission

To clean up lakes and oceans along the Sea to Sky corridor and work with local artists to turn the objects found into beautiful pieces of art

Plastic Bag in Ocean
Cleaning the Beach

Our Vision

We hope that the artwork made through this project brings public awareness to how much trash accumulates in our local waters. 

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